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Magazine article Independent Banker

Off to Press

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Thinking in reverse can move printing projects forward

Planning a new marketing campaign is often a timely project. But what can be done when, during a Monday morning meeting, an idea is suggested and approved that will require a new marketing piece to reflect a change in checking account pricing? The clock begins ticking as you're given a deadline and the mantra to go and create a new design-something fresh and captivating.

But where to begin? First ask and answer a few basic questions.

1. What's the purpose of the piece? Will it be a brochure that promotes checking account services? Is it an information piece that provides the reader a summary of your bank and an overview of the products and services your bank offers?

It's important to clearly define what this piece is intended to accomplish. All too often a marketing piece begins to get cluttered with information because marketers are trying to accomplish too many objectives in one fell swoop.

2. Who are you trying to reach? Is your piece geared to an upscale audience? Can you get by with an inexpensive black and white brochure on flimsy paper? Maybe. There are a lot of great looking marketing pieces produced in black and white, but usually they use a more expensive grain of card stock or paper that adds a level of sophistication to the pieces.

If you're targeting the senior market, large type and subtle colors will probably work best over wild colors and smaller print. If you're attempting to brand your bank, make sure that your color scheme matches the overall image your bank wants to project.

3. What's the budget? The amount you spend will have an effect on what you produce. It will also help you select printers and monitor your production costs as the project moves forward. For example, if your budget will not allow you to produce a fourcolor marketing brochure, a two-color brochure on a glossy paper stock may accomplish your objectives and look equally appealing. …

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