Red Nichols

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Red Nichols

College Prom with Jack Teagarden

Soundcraft SC8005

Red Nichols, Jack Teagarden, Matty Matlock, Eddie Miller, Ray Baduc & other members of the future Bob Crosby Band - Ruth Etting (vcls) Recorded Febraary 21, 1935

Introduction-Wail Of The Winds (Nichols Theme)-Instrumental-What About Me/instrumental-Lawson Robertson interview-Melancholy Nights/instrumental/instrumental/Singing A Happy Song/Maybe I'm Wrong Again/Introduction-instrumental-The Isle of Capri-Once Upon A Time-Remember-Hanover Winter Song-Learning/instrumental/Blue Moon/The Dixieland Band-Two Cigarettes In The Dark-Hail To Kansas/Closing-Blue Moon TT: 56:10

This compact disc consists of two radio programs billed as college prom dates. The first is dedicated to the University of Pennsylvania and the second for Dartmouth. Each is just over 28 minutes long. The sponsor is Pep, a long-ago brand of wheat flake cereal from Kelloggs Co., which, a decade later, sponsored the radio version of Superman. The music here is of limited jazz value and I would classify it much more as dance music but well done. …


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