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Power Packed into a Small Package

Magazine article Work & Family Life

Power Packed into a Small Package

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Nuts are a great source of protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. They're a powerhouse in small packages.

Nuts are also high in calories. So, despite their nutritional content, does it make sense for weightconscious people to be eating nuts on a daily basis?

Yes, says Sari Greaves, R.D., a dietitian at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell's Cardiac Health Center. A handful of nuts can assist with weight loss because they're so filling-and they are a perfect substitute for cookies, chips and other snacks.

Here are some of the research findings on the benefits of nuts:

* Walnuts are high in omega-3 fats, which can help slow the formation of arterial plaque. All nuts are high in the fat that decreases "bad" cholesterol and increases "good" cholesterol.

* Almonds are high in vitamin E, an antioxidant that can help fight diseases. Just three Brazil nuts a day provide the RDA of selenium, which can help prevent cell damage. Almonds, peanuts and pistachios are high in protein, an essential dietary need. …

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