Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Down, but Not Out

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Down, but Not Out

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Motivate employees with recessionproof strategies

Motivation is intrinsic, stemming from "what I value," "who I value" and, most importantly, "how do I communicate what I value to who I value?" Based on these assumptions, any good manager should seek ways to keep employees motivated, especially in a depressed market.

What are some specific, proven methods I can implement with employees to combat lack of motivation?

First, be sure you understand what your employees value. Ask yourself what rewards and incentives you offer your employees. By engaging your employees in dialogue, you'll re-earn their respect and appreciation, which means you are among the people ("the who") they value. After the dialogue, prepare yourself for witnessing, facilitating and sharing in improved results. Employees simply want a manager to listen and to respond to their ideas.

How can I motivate struggling leasing, maintenance and management staffers?

One suggestion to de-stress your leasing professionals is to implement Friday afternoon social gatherings. Start with smaller department parties that would segue into employees grouping themselves for more socializing away from the office. These types of get-togethers get employees interacting with each other as human beings, not just as co-workers. You will have offered leasing professionals the foundation for true human bonding, which increases employee motivation, strengthens working relationships, and increases productivity.

Maintenance professionals perform dirty, grimy tasks most of us would never dream of attempting. To increase motivation within this group of workers, consider a special, company-wide recognition program for maintenance personnel. An "Employee of the Month" recognition program for maintenance professionals would be an excellent way to lift the spirits of these workers.

One-on-one mentoring is another option to help motivate struggling employees. …

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