Magazine article Working Mother

Get Ready for Work

Magazine article Working Mother

Get Ready for Work

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Lucky for you, you love what you do. So when it comes to career chatter, your tenth grader knows the lowdown: Hard work, dedication and passion help you excel. But is that-coupled with a good education-enough in this ultracompetitive world? If what we read is true about the masses of today's college grads struggling to find jobs, probably not. So how do you raise a career-ready kid?

Focus on performance, says Denise Morrison, president of North America Soups, Sauces and Beverages for the Campbell Soup Company and mom of two adult children. Morrison, the oldest of four sisters who've all achieved executive-level positions, insists that their parents led each of them to fast-track their careers. "Both my parents set high standards for us-whether relating to school grades, home tasks, community involvement or staying fit," she says. "They knew we could do well if we tried our hardest, and they wanted to see us make every effort to perform."

Morrison feels strongly that these lessons from her career-oriented parents ensured her and her siblings' success.

The report card is the scorecard. No surprise: Academic achievement and earning good grades are sources of high self-esteem that carries into adult endeavors. "If we weren't achieving, we had to course-correct and figure out what was getting in the way," Morrison says. "Then, for instance, the TV stayed off until improvement was made."

Reading is key-and cool. "We'd go to the library every weekend as a family, pick out a book, then do an oral report on it in a week-unrelated to school," recounts Morrison. "Today I read at least a book a week, which helps me to be a continuous learner. I also picked up oral communication skills in the bargain."

You need to earn your way. The Morrison sisters had a weekly job jar filled with household tasks they had to complete to earn their allowance. …

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