Labor Markets, Heinemann, Studies in Economics and Business Series,

Article excerpt

Labour Markets, Geoff Hale, Heinemann, Studies in Economics and Business series, 2001, paperback, 124 pages, (pound)7.25, ISBN - 0 435 332198,Tel. 01865 311366.

I liked this book. It was solid, useful and appropriate but unspectacular. As such it was similar to many in the series.

Readers familiar with the Heinemann series, Studies in Economics and Business, will recognise the style of short, no nonsense chapters. The text is neatly broken with data, diagrams and charts. Beneath each chapter heading there are appropriate quotations ranging from Elton John's 'I like flowers' to Norman Lamont's 'rising unemployment is a price ... well worth paying to get inflation down'.

Also included are some interesting and relevant extracts from newspaper articles found in the quality press. In the test key words are highlighted in bold.

Each chapter concludes with small sub-sections devoted to key words, further reading references, essay topics and data response questions. There are also references to 'useful websites' at the end of nearly every chapter.

It was pleasing to see up-todate statistics being given (except, understandably, in old exam questions). Another useful feature is the use of modern ideas, notably delayering, presenteeism and sweetheart deals. Other areas of economics are well integrated in a natural way, although knowledge of other related topics is assumed (probably reasonably, to keep the book to a handy, encouraging size). …


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