Magazine article The Spectator

Make or Break

Magazine article The Spectator

Make or Break

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I am heartbroken but for once it is not over a girl. I have to stay in the Bagel, hence missing The Spectator's 180th anniversary party, Pug's club's first annual meeting in our new digs, Countess Bismarck's dinner, Nick Scott's shindig, and so on. Not having set foot in London in months, I was looking forward to it, but it's not to be. I should be celebrating because one of the reasons I didn't like living in London any more was Ken Livingstone. Now he's voted out, Taki can come back in -- it's as simple as that.

One thing is for sure. London could do with a makeover. Better yet, a broken-window policy. It is hard to believe but the Bagel was saved by one man alone: Rudy Giuliani.

I am no fan of that bald bully, but he did save the city. New York was unlivable in under David Dinkins, in the same way London is unlivable in now. People spit, swear, puke, fight, use knives, rob and play loud, disgusting music and no one does anything about it. In fact, London cops are as rare a sight as men with good manners. I remember, back before Rudy, crossing 59th Street on my way to a boxing gym on the West Side and daily being confronted by big, tough black men selling drugs. Now I'm no prude, but being harassed by drug-dealers on my way to train used to drive me nuts. I'd scream at them to f*** off and they would scream back at me.

This in front of the Plaza Hotel, the chicest square in the Bagel.

No longer. Rudy put a stop to it, just as he stopped hoodlums menacing drivers on the toll bridges leading to the Hamptons. I used to take a baseball bat with me because if one didn't pay them for wiping the windscreens, they would either spit at you or kick the car. I had young children with me who would get frightened. Pay them something, said their mother. It was what every fat cat did but I refused. It was a matter of principle and in the end the good guys won.

Now, ever so slowly, it is starting again.

Bloomberg is a phony who is out for himself and his rich friends. He hasn't got the guts to stand up to demagogues, race hustlers and 'advocates' for troubled minorities. Crime is up as are murders. There are almost 10,000 fewer cops than under Rudy.

Bloomberg will not pay the money. He also won't stick up for cops when the race hustlers go after them -- in fact, the contrary.

But unlike London cops, Noo Yawk fuzz are out in the mean streets patrolling. …

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