Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker


Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker


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March/April 2008 Vol. 32 - No. 2

 SPECIAL FEATURE Exploring Our Need for Sleep

 Sleepless in America By Mary Sykes WylieIf a vast conspiracy were afoot to create an entire civilization of insomniacs, it would operate pretty much the way our society does now. In a nonstop, globalized economy, sleep is a useless occupation, taking up precious time that might better be spent on producing, buying, and selling.

Nightmind By Rubin NaimanOur widespread fear of and disregard for darkness --both literal and figurative--may be the most overlooked factor in the contemporary epidemic of sleep disorders.

Technotrap By Margaret Wehrenberg and Laurel CoppersmithRelentless stress in the high-tech workplace of the 21st century is taking an unprecedented toll on our emotional lives and our capacity to wind down at the end of the day. At the same time, too many therapists fail to address workplace issues in the consulting room.


Blindsided By J.Gibson Henderson, Jr.In the face of what most people would consider their worst nightmare, a therapist rediscovers his craft and finds a way not only to endure, but to thrive.


Clinician's Digest By Garry Cooper

Replicating Milgram

The biology of depression

Only one treatment for PTSD? …

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