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Filmmaker's look at the season's DVD releases.

The Films of Kenneth Anger, Volume 2 Fantoma Films, October 2 Not a moment too soon comes the follow-up to Fantoma Films' first collection of Kenneth Anger's legendary short films. Again, the pristine new transfers, informative full-color booklet and extras make this essential to any Anger fan, and indeed, any aspiring filmmaker. This round-up of his later shorts are nothing short of stunning, even today. Scorpio Rising sure didn't look like this when I saw it at film school! -André Salas

Manufactured Landscapes Zeitgeist Films, November 20 Directed by Jennifer Baichwal, this reflective meditation on how Earth's natural environment has been manipulated and destroyed by the industrial power of mankind is stunningly photographed by Edward Burtynsky. The documentary's main focus is on China, with scenes set at shipyards where old oil tankers are destroyed, toxic recycling centers that comprise half the world's discarded computers (referred to as "e-waste") and massive-sized factories where workers endlessly toil on tedious assembly lines. It's often bleak and depressing, yet the filmmakers don't condemn the situation but instead reveal the inevitable heartbreak of new-age industry on China's once beautiful landscapes. - Jeffrey Kunze

Blade Runner: Five Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition Warner Bros., December 18 Hardcore fans will spring for this collector's edition, which touts Ridley Scott's new "Final Cut" of the film, the 1991 Director's Cut, the international cut, the original theatrical cut and a never-before-seen workprint. Also included is the new film Dangerous Days, a comprehensive documentary which includes interviews with Harrison Ford who, until now, has not spoken publicly about the film. On disc-four fans will find an "Enhancement Archive" chocked full of new featurettes, trailers and other unique treats. For a little extra, you can purchase the DVDs in a "Deckard" briefcase which contains productions stills, toys and a personal letter from Ridley Scott. - Benjamin Crossley-Marra

IN THE SPRING '97 ISSUE OF FILMMAKER WE ASKED A GROUP OF DIRECTORS TO PAY tribute to Rainer Werner Fassbinder. With the release of his 15 1/2-hour Berlin Alexanderplatz from Criterion in November we look back on Harmony Korine's thoughts on the late German master.

It is known that Fassbinder's ninth favorite actor was Zeppo Marx. Anthony Quinn's sixth favorite artist is Velazquez. In In a Year of Thirteen Moons, a crossdresser (Volker Spengler) takes a stroll through a slaughterhouse where cows are destroyed. …

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