Magazine article Computers in Libraries

And the Winners Are

Magazine article Computers in Libraries

And the Winners Are

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Computers in Libraries magazine salutes the winners of ITI's second annual InfoTubey awards, presented last month at our Computers in Libraries conference.

'Who Needs a Librarian?' says Google-Guy

DePauw Libraries: Visual Resource Center

Looking for that piece of art to finish your term paper? Sure, you could go to the planet's most popular internet search engine, but will the sources you find there stand up to the scrutiny of your professor? In this first episode of a four-part series produced by DePauw, the guy in the Google shirt asks, "Who needs a librarian?" His buddy quickly sets him straight by handing him the answer from (where else?) the library's visual resource center.

Your Library, Convenient as a Late-Night Snack

"Hi, how ya doin'?" a young man says into a drive-through speaker box. "Can I get information on World War II and lyrics to the new Green Day song?" "Now your library is open late night too," the voice-over blares out from the box. "Got a question? ... Get 24/7 live help from a New Jersey librarian ... for free!"

Escape From the Zombies

Allen County (Ind.) Public Library

Fort Wayne, Ind.'s living dead are awakening for their flesh-eating midnight snack when an innocent couple strolls by their haunts. Chased through the streets, the couple hightails it for (where else?) the Alien County Public Library, where the readers' services librarian points them to the resources they need ...just in time (one presumes) to defeat the zombies. …

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