Magazine article IAJRC Journal

President's Message

Magazine article IAJRC Journal

President's Message

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Your Board addressed a number of issues during the first quarter of 2008. This is to recap. In past years, the first official Board Meeting was held during the annual Convention, which resulted in many months during which the Board could not conveniently confer. Following the precedent set by our immediate-past-president, Ron Pikielek, we convened our first Board Meeting shortly after the New Year, Saturday, January 19, 2008 during Duncan Schieidt's annual Record Bash in Indianapolis, Indiana. Site was the Clarion Hotel.

In attendance: Geoff Wheeler, President; Randy Stiehl, Vice-President; Gene Miller, Secretary; Trustees Tom Hustad and Gary Young; Sonny McGown, and Ron Pikielek, immediate past IAJRC President. Also addressing the Meeting were Shelley Finke about the 2008 Convention, and Chuck Sweningsen about the 2009 Convention.

Points covered:

1. Membership renewals:

a. Second renewal notices will be sent out by e-mail to all non-respondents who have e-mail capability. Second renewal notices will also be sent by mail to all non-respondents who do not have e-mail capability. For those who have already renewed, we thank you for your continued support. If you haven't renewed your membership, please do so now so you can continue to enjoy the Journal and other benefits of membership.

b. Our IAJRC website has a page for Renewals, with a reminder of membership benefits.

Action: I have contacted Gary Herzenstiel about getting member names and e-mail addresses and have contacted Perry Huntoon about providing the database in MS Access 2003 format. We now have the files in hand. Membership Renewal Forms will also be available at the annual Convention Information table as takeaways to encourage timely renewal.

b. The Journal as a Member Benefit. The February 2008 issue was mailed to all 2007 active members, as is this issue to give members an opportunity to renew. In order to reduce printing and mailing costs, Members who do not renew, effective with the next issue will no longer receive the Journal.

2. Update from Shelley Finke on our 2008 Convention in Louisville. The plan is well on course and a first ad scheduled for the February issue highlighting what has been scheduled so far. The ad in this issue provides further updates.

3. Update from Chuck Sweningsen on our 2009 Convention in Minneapolis.

Chuck is well on his way to confirming a hotel site, working out room rates, meeting rooms, annual banquet, etc.

4. IAJRC Recording Program Sales Report

This took up a major share of meeting time examining the sales results in 2007 for both CDs and Monographs. Based on sales figures and standing inventory, we need to significantly reduce inventory and more closely examine our CD release program and schedule.

CD Sales:

Uncertain as to what some of the inventory totals for individual CDs might represent as far as number of copies initially pressed, I asked our Treasurer, Doug Norwood, who replied:

"During 2007, we paid $800 for mastering of Sammy Price and Jonah Jones, $400 for mastering of Ben Pollack Vol 1. I might add that in 2004, we paid $300 for mastering Vernon Alley and $300 for [Edmond] Hall-[Omar] Simeon. I believe the latter was cancelled because of some potential legal problem with the Simeon and, subsequently, $400 was paid to master the Hall alone.

"Unit price on our last issue (Hall and Clayton) was $3.1450 with 2000 units [CD copies] issued. Last issue prior to that was the Tubby Hayes with 998 issued at a unit price of $3.4321. Price includes all production costs, such as mastering, typesetting, design, and actual CD production, but does not include any committee expenses, sales or distribution costs and such. We were not billed for any committee expenses last year. Our initial order is normally 1000 copies. In the case of the Clayton and Hall CDs, both were produced and delivered at the same time, 1000 each. …

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