Magazine article Workforce Management

Unlock Your Employees' Performance Potential

Magazine article Workforce Management

Unlock Your Employees' Performance Potential

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A powerful transformation is underway: more successful small and mid-sized businesses are embracing "strategic HR" to drive higher performance, productivity and profits.

Historically, HR has not been viewed as a key businesses driver, unlike "vital" functions such as sales, marketing, or operations. Today, the role of HR has been radically redefined and more emphasis has been placed on effectively managing every aspect of the employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition, to performance measurement to employee compensation. By raising the bar on individual performance, strategic HR not only helps employees realize their full potential, but also the company as a whole. In other words, it ensures that companies aren't leaving money on the table in the form of missed profits due to unrealized productivity.

By adopting a strategic approach to HR, you too can unleash the true potential of your employees. Here are the four most important steps you can take:

1. Match Employees' Daily Efforts With Your Business Objectives

Industry analysts estimate nearly 95% of workers are unaware of their company's top objectives. That's often because they lack an effective process to communicate and track progress against those objectives. How can your company expect its people to work toward a shared vision-and deliver bottom-line results-if they're unclear what's expected of them?

Establishing a formal process for creating relevant goals for each employee, and monitoring performance against company objectives, unquestionably results in both individual and company success. This approach delivers a host of positive results:

* Employees and managers achieve more-by understanding how their individual goals fit into the company's overall plan/objectives.

* Employees have a sense of shared responsibility-by cascading goals with others in the company.

* Managers more easily stay in touch with employees' progress-and offer immediate reinforcement or coaching to keep performance and deadlines on track.

2. Keep Employees Energized and Engaged

Building a culture in which employees are energized and engaged to perform at maximum levels requires strong management skill and a consistent process for providing accurate, quality feedback. Recent progress in HR-software designed specifically to address this challenge is helping significantly, giving managers the tools they need to provide:

* Richer, more meaningful feedback-built-in writing tools ensure consistency between managers, and help them deliver a deeper level of feedback. …

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