Magazine article Tikkun

Jewish Portrait

Magazine article Tikkun

Jewish Portrait

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is not your sort

A Diaspora kind of Jew who darts her eyes around

in fear.

Wears an old-fashioned dress,

her hair pulled back without a touch of grace.

Doesn't undo her bundles.

Why should she undo her bundles?

Any place she might stumble on

would be just a place of transience.

Her bed is unmade.

Transience requires no adornment.

On the road.

Caravans pass her by,

Ukrainian peasants in their carts

and dark-skinned refugees, screaming;

babes-in-arms dry up in the sun,

flies clinging to their eyes.

People carry mattresses on their heads,

a clangor of pots and pans.

People curse her as she goes by:

she's slow,

slowing down the caravan.

She goes off to the side of the road and stops.

She has no baby,

can wait for dark

Suddenly she sees a coin in the dust-a spark

She smiles an inward smile.

In her mind's eye

rivulets well up in the thicket. …

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