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Security Detectors

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Security Detectors

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Security detectors are an ever-present tool in correctional facilities. Most recently, they have become more highly sensitive to hidden weapons and contraband that inmates and visitors might conceal. The latest technology goes a long way to help ensure the safety of all who work at or live in correctional facilities.

AUTOCLEAR debuts two products for the 2008 season: the 100100B-DV X-ray and the E4500 Advanced Trace Explosives Detector.

The 100100B-DV is the company's first dual-view X-ray for optimizing inspection of baggage, bags, briefcases, purses, etc. that visitors may want to carry into facilities with them. Viewed together but on two separate monitors, this dual-view enhances the operator's ability to pinpoint threat items.

The E4500 is the second explosives desktop unit that Scintrex Trace, the wholly owned subsidiary of Autoclear, has developed for the detection of a variety of explosives, such as C4, Semtex, TNT, or TATP. The E4500 operates on the principal of GC-Chemiluminescence, which allows for the system to be self-calibrated.

ATD-American Company's latest products are walk-through metal detectors, hand-held scanners, and orifice scanners that scan for metal. This last product is a chair that the inmate sits on and it makes a sound when metal is detected in the orifice.

Garrett's most recent security product introductions are the SuperWand and THD hand-held metal detectors and the CSI 250 ground-search crime scene metal detector.

One of the SuperWand's key features includes the ability to switch between audible and silent alarm screening modes, and it has a 360-degree detection field to provide uniform target sensitivity and for tip pinpointing of metal weapons. The THD (tactical hand-held) metal detector is compact and rugged and operates with a silent vibrating alarm. It also has a bright LED flashlight for low light and night operations. The CSI 250 metal detector has unparalleled features for the price, says the company. Notch discrimination allows the user to select or reject specific metallic targets to detect. The large, easy-to-read LCD screen includes a Target ID legend with common crime scene targets; i.e. bullets, brass, silver, and iron.

CEIA's latest offerings are the SMD601 and the PD140 family. The SMD601 Multizone Walkthrough Metal Detector is specifically designed for correctional facilities. It is the only metal detector available which meets all the requirements of the NIJ 601.02 standard. The new family of PD140 handheld metal detectors now has a standard vibration alarm included with the audible and visible alarm. It comes in the base version of PD140V, a rechargeable PD140VR and a high sensitivity, rechargeable PD140SVR. The rechargeable units can be used with the contact-less battery charger BC140F. A fast recharging time of four hours and a battery life of up to 150 hours make these handheld metal detectors convenient to use in many applications.

Security Defense Systems Corporation's latest technology is the introduction of pinpoint or multi-zone detection, which alerts security staff to the exact area of the body where metal triggered the alarm.

"The addition of digital signal processing (DSP) provides greater sensitivity, noise reduction and discrimination, which is especially useful in corrections applications," explains Gary Korkala, vice president, Security Defense Corp., Nutley, New Jersey. "The latest x-ray scanners are using a smaller pitch detector for higher resolution and new image processing features aid the operators in contraband identification. The dual energy systems provide the ability to discriminate between organic and inorganic materials and now in some systems, in excess of 50,000 images are automatically saved, which is most important in the preservation of evidence in the event of contraband being detected. The image is saved with date and time and is easily recalled if needed for prosecution."

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Brijot's latest correctional detection products are the Brijot GEN 2 and the Brijot ScanPort Tactical. …

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