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Magazine article American Cinematographer


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The Price Isn't Right

We would like to bring to your attention a mistake in the May article entitled "Domino Lends Impressionistic Edge to Dannie Brasco" [Production Slate, p. 22]. In the second paragraph, there is a description of how the main titles were constructed using photograph elements and layering. This is followed by the phrase, "all for a mere $3,000." Unfortunately, this is a slip on our part; we should have informed your reporter that the process was completed at 3,000 lines of resolution. No mention of price was meant to be assigned to this process, and the dollar amount mentioned has absolutely no relevance.

- Dan Spelling

Spelling Communications

Los Angeles, CA

The Speed of Sound

I enjoyed Eric Rudolph's article on the shooting of the Imax film Super Speedway [see Prod Slate, AC June '97]. However, there is one glaring error that is repeated several times: the cars themselves are not Formula One cars, but PPG CART cars (formerly known as lndy cars). I will skip the racing politics about the name change, but teams in both camps would take offense.

Regarding the film's sound, it would have been nice to mention the name of the mixer, Cory Mandel, who was anonymously credited with notching out the camera noise. …

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