Magazine article Workforce Management

What Employees Really Think of Talent Management

Magazine article Workforce Management

What Employees Really Think of Talent Management

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Dear Human Resources,

First, I'd like to thank you for investing in our employees. I have worked as a Production Manager for over twelve years and this past year was the first time I felt like a real attempt was being made to address the career concerns of the employees in a genuine way. Almost everyone in my department was encouraged and appreciative when we heard the company was going to set performance goals, deliver achievable bonus plans, and finally hold managers accountable for getting performance reviews done on time.

I know we made a significant investment in software that was supposed to help us write reviews, track goals and support salary decisions, but I have to say the managers in my group are frustrated with how confusing the application can be-and I have to be honest; it doesn't exactly do what we were told.

I've attended several company meetings where leadership reported everyone was using the system and things were going great. I've talked with dozens of other department leaders and I'm not hearing that same sentiment. In fact, I'm hearing some rumblings that I thought you should be aware of.

During the initial roll-out, the folks in my group had high expectations. When HR did the first presentation describing how employees would receive a timely review and individual career development plans, morale was at an alltime high. However, only a few development plans were completed due to system problems and now half the team feels like they were not important enough to their manager.

And I know we tried to get all of the goals into the system and hold individual goal meetings so we could set the bonus plans, however the system delays have created ill-feelings as well. A significant number of employees in my department, and in others, have been saying the company had no intention of ever paying bonuses and are using the system problems as an excuse not to follow through.

I know this isn't the case, but the bottom line is there is a fair amount of distrust brewing because what we said we'd do with regard to talent management is not exactly what we are delivering. We have an integrity problem and our efforts have actually made employees feel less valued and growing distrust has made selling talent management to my group a challenge.

I know we're working to resolve the system problems, but senior management should resist overselling our progress during the team meetings, since most individuals attending those meetings are living a completely different experience. Employees are feeling like the leadership either doesn't know what's really happening or doesn't care -either way, morale has gone from an all-time high to an all-time low in my group in a matter of months. …

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