Magazine article Workforce Management

Sex and Working Women

Magazine article Workforce Management

Sex and Working Women

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On the Workforce Washington blog ( wpmu/washington), staff writer Mark Schoeffjr. wrote about going to see Sex and the City and how the film missed the mark on how women actually live and work. Reader C. Gonzalez replied:

"SEX WAS ONLY entertainment, and as you know well, Hollywood never gets it 100 percent right. Being in D.C. has perhaps clouded you from humor and a good laugh, which the movie had plenty of. Most men legislators don't have the slightest idea how hard it is for a woman to balance work and family. We have been doing it for years. You would think by now, in the 21 st century, they would have passed some type of legislation to help all working women. The truth is that the 22nd century will probably arrive before we'll see such legislation."

In the Books@Work blog ( books), New York bureau chief Jessica Marquez reviewed Peter Cappelli's book Talent on Demand. In addition to Cappelli's observations, Marquez noted that some companies talk about employee development, but don't actually do it. One reader wrote:

"THE 'LIP SERVICE' you mentioned is exactly why employees won't engage in the first place. Not only is homegrown talent development old school, but leaders shoot themselves in the foot by not building trust to begin with. Employees are not stupid; they can detect insincerity from miles away. This book sounds really good-like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the review!"

In his Business of Management blog (workforce, com/wpmufbizmgmt), editor John Hollon wrote that blowing your cool can sometimes be a useful management technique. And readers blew back:

"IT HAS BEEN my experience that this type of behavior only demotivates and hinders workers' productivity. It also puts you in a position of distrust and disrespect. Fear is not a motivator any longer. Young workers today will leave. They have an attitude that they don't deserve to be treated that way. ... You open a Pandora's box. You open yourself up to harassment and a hostile work environment."

"I DEFINITELY AGREE that there is a time to be passionate about what you believe and the point you want to get across. …

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