Dictionary of Mission Theology: Evangelical Foundations

Article excerpt

Dictionary of Mission Theology: Evangelical Foundations. Edited by John Corrie. Downers Grove, III.: InterVarsity Press, 2007. Pp. xvii, 461. $32.

John Corrie, a tutor in mission studies at Trinity College in Bristol, England, has assembled a notable international roster of Protestant evangelical authors to write the more than 160 articles in this very welcome handbook of missiology. More than the usual reference dictionary, it contains substantial essay articles on major issues and themes in mission, with a focus on theological aspects, arranged alphabetically from Accommodation to Zion. Each article includes an up-to-date bibliography.

In his introduction Corrie describes the integration of theology and mission that shapes the outlook of this work: "All theology is intrinsically missiological since it concerns the God of mission and the mission of God. This means that all theological categories are inherently missiological and all missionary categories are profoundly theological." The aim is to "think missiologically about theology" and at the same time to "think theologically about mission" (p. …


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