Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Tails Wagging Dogs, Dogs Barking

Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Tails Wagging Dogs, Dogs Barking

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Candidates for public office, high and low, are bewitched-frightened is the more accurate word-by an unwarranted but costly fear of the U.S. lobby that functions on behalf of the State of Israel.

Comb through the millions of words expressed by the "final three" in the presidential sweepstakes-Barak Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain-and you will find not a word, not even a syllable, of criticism of the longstanding U.S. policy bias that heavily favors Israel, a policy that imposes a staggering burden on U.S. society and infuriates Muslims worldwide, including eight million who are U.S. citizens.

A search of the millions of words of analysis of talking heads and other commentators who make a living examining day-by-day the impact of presidential candidate behavior discloses the same empty-headed silence. They don't even mention candidate silence on this topic that should be a fundamental and continuing focus of discussion.

A search of major media-print, radio and television-has virtually the same result: silence. The Internet is one of the few places where one can find thoughtful and candid examinations of Israel's dominance of U.S. society.

This silence is a phenomenon unknown elsewhere in the world. Discussion of the U.S. bias and its terrible consequences are common in periodicals in Britain, France, Germany, all Arab countries, and most other nations-even in Israel, whose Hebrew-language newspapers and journals regularly discuss candidly and deeply the bad behavior of Israel's government.

Because of this silence, American citizens are denied the benefit of civilized discussion of the grievances that are believed to be the main factor leading to the dreadful assault on 9/11, the tunnel vision that prompted President George W. Bush to order war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now the drumbeat for war against Iran.

The silence obscures U.S. complicity in the awful, worsening Palestinian plight. The news coverage that reaches the U.S. public tends to demonize Muslim insurgents who protest, sometimes with terrible violence, against U.S. attempts at military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, and similar protests by Muslim and Christian Palestinians against Israel's U.S.-supported suppression of what is left of Palestine.

Americans seldom see reminders that Israel, with U.S. encouragement, came into being in 1948 by the sword and has expanded its domain and carried out its destruction and humiliation of Palestinian society the same way ever since. …

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