Magazine article Sunset

In the Garden

Magazine article Sunset

In the Garden

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The plants, tools, and techniques we use at home

LAMB'S EARS Stachys byzantina looks soft and gentle, but it's a lion of a groundcover. Grows fast in lousy soil, requires almost no water, and transplants with ridiculous ease. Plus, its gray-green color flatters any companion plant. -ALAN PHINNEY, MANAGING EDITOR

EASY FEEDING I make a batch of liquid plant food and water, as directed on the bottle, then freeze it in ice-cube trays. When it's time to water a houseplant, I drop a few plain ice cubes and a few plant-food ice cubes onto the pot's soil. They melt slowly, so there's no runthrough mess. My ficus tree loves this! -LINDA LAMB PETERS, GARDEN PHOTO EDITOR

CAN'T-KILl-IT HOUSEPLANT Spathiphyllum doesn't care about low light, and I'm pretty sure I've never fertilized mine. In college, I had one that I'd let wilt completely, then I'd pour Diet Coke and ice on it, and it would revive completely. -E.J.

NASTURTIUMS Unbelievably easy to grow from seed in spring. …

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