Magazine article Workforce Management

Pay Isn't the Issue

Magazine article Workforce Management

Pay Isn't the Issue

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FEEDBACK | from our readers

I VERY RECENTLY RETIRED from the FAA as an air traffic controller. I read with great interest your article titled "Taking Flight" (June 9).

I have a few issues with the FAA's stated positions and distortions in your article, but the one issue that jumps out at me is the FAA's assertion that our dispute is all about money.

Please, let me be clear: I retired at age 48 with a base pay of just over $160,000 annually. I could have worked eight more years before I would have been mandated to retire at age 56. If the air traffic control dispute is all about money, why do people like myself walk away from $160,000 annually?

My decision wasn't about salary; it was about the FAA's treatment of air traffic controllers. I gave up $1,280,000 over the next eight years to escape the way I was being treated.

Paul Williams

Retired air traffic controller

Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center

Frederick, Maryland


In his Business of Management blog (workforce, com/wpmu/bizmgmt), editor John Hollon revisited a much-debated question: Is there ever a good time-specifically a good day- to fire someone? Here are some responses:

"WHY DOES everyone assume that whenever anyone is fired they will either: a) go postal, shoot all their workmates and then take the server down (so don't fire them early in the week); or b) go home, drink their drink cabinet dry and then start in on the medicine cabinet (so don't fire them on Friday)? Honestly, how many times has this really happened? 99.9 percent of people are responsible, grown-up adults. Being fired is a change that is hard to handle, but not something that is going to turn them psycho or suicidal, unless they already are. ... You have to know the person you are firing and how they will take the news, and how the rest of their team will take the news, and then schedule accordingly. …

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