Magazine article Sunset

School Bus Toy Chest

Magazine article Sunset

School Bus Toy Chest

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To an unfinished chest add casters, frames, paint, and reflectors

The biggest toy in Dusty Moses's toy chest is the chest itself: It resembles a school bus. The chest-from an unfinished furniture store-has been painted, and decorated with reflectors and picture-frame "windows" that hold enlarged photographs of his mom and dad and brothers and sisters. It even rolls. And it definitely stops for teddy bears.


TIME: The project requires minimal woodworking skill and should take about two hours, not including painting time.

coST: Look for a toy chest with a minimum of detail. The one we used had one raised side panel and cost $130. Additional supplies will be about $40. MATERIALS

* Toy chest

* Wood filler

* 30 1 1/4-inch round-top wood screws

* 5-foot-long 1-by-4

* Wood glue

* 2-inch finishing nails

* 4 furniture casters with flat bases

* 4 feet of handrail

* 8 black picture frames for 5-by-7 prints

* Sandpaper

* 1 quart gloss yellow paint

* 1 pint gloss black paint

Reflectors (for headlights and taillights)


* Screwdriver

* Saber saw

* Compass set

* Hammer

* Nailset

* Electric drill

* Paintbrush

* Ruler


1. Since we wanted the picture-frame windows to mount to a smooth surface, we reversed the chest lid and remounted the hinge so the side of the chest with the raised panel will face the wall when the bus is parked. We used wood filler for old hinge holes. …

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