Magazine article Sunset

You Asked

Magazine article Sunset

You Asked

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Answers to your queries for seasonal ideas, problem-solvers, and more

"My fig tree is bursting with fruit. Any ideas to take advantage of the bounty?"

BROILED Halve figs lengthwise, drizzle with honey, and broil until bubbling. Serve hot with a soft cheese-ricotta, mascarpone, chèvre-and mint leaves.

PANCETTA-WRAPPED Wrap each fig in a strip of pancetta. Cook in a frying pan over medium heat, turning, until fat renders and pan cetta crisps. (Or thread several onto thin metal skewers and grill.)

STUFFED Cut a slit into each fig and stuff with a skinned almond and a bit of blue cheese. Larger figs can be halved lengthwise and topped with creamy blue cheese or chèvre for an elegant, easy appetizer.

"Can you tell me a good way to display keepsakes collected on our summer vacation?"

Remember the dioramas you made in grade school? This is the updated version-we call it a 3-D scrapbook. Keep it simple by sticking to a single theme or palette. Spray-mount photos to cardboard before attaching them to sticks (we used barbecue skewers broken into different lengths). …

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