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Magazine article Business Credit

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Is One of Your Customers a "Sleeper"?

"White Collar Criminals" know very well how the credit review process works. These people are your college educated criminals who typically have above average intelligence. They understand one of the foundations of the credit review process is the credit reference. To exploit the vulnerabilities of the system, credit criminals will set up their own references. This is not a short-term proposition... the whole point is to establish name recognition and a positive credit history for the reference over time. These references are called "sleepers." Once they have been established, the reference can provide positive history to companies who will eventually close, leaving creditors unpaid. For more information on how to spot a fraud, contact the Loss Prevention Group at 800/955-8815 ext. 1021.

Focus on Mexico

Mexico's economy dropped in synch with the U.S. downturn, but has recently showed signs of recovery. Economic fundamentals remain sound. Credit conditions have declined, however, and economic and trade reforms have been delayed. Want to learn more? The September issue of Business Credit magazine has a special section, Focus on Mexico. If you're not already a subscriber, fill out the subscription form on page 71, and fax it back to NACM with payment information to ensure that you don't miss the September issue!

CRF Looks at Imaging Technology in Credit and AIR Management

Document imaging has spread incrementally, growing by 10 to 15 percent a year. Over the last 5 years costs have come down, standards have been formed and the overall technology has greatly improved. With the advent of document and data imaging and more importantly workflow technology to facilitate the storage and movement of information, a change in the organizational landscape emerged. It could be argued that one of the reasons the reengineering movement of the early '90s was by many accounts a failure, was due to the lack of an infrastructure for the flow of data to facilitate the "process" theory. …

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