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Jest a Minute

Magazine article VFW Magazine

Jest a Minute

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* An elderly lady who was a faithful employee of a company for many years before her retirement was invited to the company Christmas party. Every time she ordered a drink at the open bar, she said, "Scotch with two drops of water."

After the third time, one of her former bosses asked her, "Why do you always ask for Scotch and only two drops of water?" She answered, "At my age, I can hold my liquor, but I can't hold my water."

Fred Christadore, Willimantic, Conn.

* A man came home one night and told his wife he was going to take her out to the most expensive place in town.

She went upstairs to get ready and asked him where they were going. He said, "To the gas station."

Charles H. Cray, Lima, Ohio

* A new priest, after listening to a confession, came out of the confession box and was approached by the bishop. The bishop said, "When you are listening to a confession, you must stop shouting, 'You did what?!'"

Dot Cutsail, Annapolis, Md.

* I was with a bunch of gardeners, and I told them when I plant potatoes, I always put them in a small bag or cover them with paper. …

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