Magazine article Acoustic Guitar

Essential Gear

Magazine article Acoustic Guitar

Essential Gear

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Build Your Own Clone

Build your own boutique quality stompboxes. Top of the line components and paint-by-numbers instructions. Our kits are based on circuits that both electric and acoustic players want, like optical compression, analog chorus, graphic EQ, analog delay, and many more.

Build Your Own Clone

(509) 488-5259

Fishman Rare Earth

Re-voiced for a smoother response and warmer, more naturally acoustic tone. Easy installation with no alteration. Cutting-edge neodymium magnets and active electronics for a pure, clean sound and low-noise output.

List Price: Single Coil $169.95 / Humbucking $219.95

Fishman Acoustic Amplification

V-Picks w

You don't need another guitar. You need another guitar pick! Play better-Sound better. Lightning-fast action, incredible tone improvement, and easy grip are the reasons V-Picks will change your life. With over 20 models, we are confident we have the pick that will fit your style perfectly. We also specialize in mandolin picks. Just read our testimonials.



Brossard Picks

Brassard's high-quality handmade picks produce a wide variety of tones: from the soft warmth of Ebony through the crystal-clarity of Bone to the brightness and precision of Abalone. Many underestimate just how much their choice of pick affects their tone. From classical to rock, from jazz to punk...virtually every playing style will experience the enhanced attack and response right away. There's no better way to change your tone.

Brossard Picks

(415) 440-4100

SansAmp Para Driver DI

Supercharged preamp tone shaper for acoustic and electric guitar, bass, violin, keyboards, drums, vocals, etc. 100% analog circuitry, parametric equalization, variable gain. Also in rackmount: SansAmp RPM.

MSRP: $275

Tech 21 USA, Inc.

(973) 777- 6996

www.tech21nyc. …

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