Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Battle for Control

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Battle for Control

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Understa nding technology helps managers maintain control over business

Recently, one of my sons was playing a game on the computer and he asked me what my favorite computer game was when I was a child. I told him we didn't have computers when I was growing up. He looked at me, laughed and made a comment to his brother about how funny dad is.

For many younger people, computers have always been around. Technology and computers have become so commonplace that even us older kids take them for granted. This is both good and bad as it has enabled us to do so much more than we used to do. However, when something goes wrong it stops us in our tracks.

Technology has made our lives so much easier, but all too often, we let technology control us. If we better understood the computers we use, the software we run, the "crackberry" we live and breathe by, and all the rest of the gadgets we take for granted, we could more easily maintain control.

Recently, a major electronics retail chain started a "geek support" service because it realized so many of us don't know anything beyond the basics of the technologies we use. This must change.

To make a comparison to the real estate management field - we should do some preventive maintenance where technology is concerned. Much like we proactively inspect and repair our parking lots at the properties we manage, we need to proactively inspect and repair the technology we depend on.

Taking some time to do some research or experiment with technology can really pay off - whether it's in cost savings or time savings. …

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