Magazine article Workforce Management

Suite Synergy: Unified Talent Development

Magazine article Workforce Management

Suite Synergy: Unified Talent Development

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According to Forrester Research, only 48 million Gen Xers are poised to fill the shoes of the 78 million retiring Baby Boomers. Companies are turning to talent development to maximize investments in their existing workforces and improve their potential to drive business success. This focus has companies looking to optimize learning and performance strategies to align, engage, develop, and retain employees.

SumTotal's research and customer experience shows us that organizations can best accomplish that through a unified approach to learning and performance management, using an integrated talent development suite that enables learning and performance systems to work logically and cohesively.

Why should HR care?

1. Employee development is central to HR responsibilities.

* When you face talent shortages, your best-and often only-solution is to increase productivity by developing and engaging the employees you already have.

* Even if you can acquire new talent, hiring demands time, cost and business disruption-so retaining existing employees still remains paramount.

* Talent shortages, as well as competency and skills gaps, hamper business growth and competitive agility-and HR owns responsibility for solving these problems by keeping key positions filled.

2. Performance management automation facilitates employee development.

* Automation eliminates the burden of manual performance management, so HR workers are no longer forced to herd cats to meet certain organizational and compliance-related deadlines.

* HR organizations don't conduct employee reviews just to rate performance; they conduct reviews to ultimately develop the workforce.

* Automated performance management systems give HR instant insight into organizational performance and effectiveness so HR can be more strategic about addressing engagement, retention and talent shortage issues.

How do you stack up?

A siloed approach to learning and performance management can cause significant business problems. How does your organization stack up? Alignment

* Are all employees devoting 100% of their time to tasks that move your strategy forward?

* Are all employees' performance goals consistent with your organizational goals and objectives?


* Are all of your employees provided the continuous, ongoing information and coaching they need to reach their maximum effectiveness? …

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