Magazine article Sunset

What to Do in the Rockies November

Magazine article Sunset

What to Do in the Rockies November

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Plant now

Pot up houseplants If you have small children, use care when selecting indoor plants. Many are toxic when eaten; others can cause skin irritation. Some of the most common houseplants that are potentially dangerous are aloe, amaryllis, arrowhead plant, azalea, bird of paradise, brugmansia (aka angel's trumpet), calla lily, chenille plant, Cypripedium orchid, croton, crown of thorns, dumb cane, English ivy, asparagus fern, hydrangea, Kaffir lily, kalanchoe, pothos, and Schefflera. Avoid these, or keep them out of kids' reach.

Set out tulips for naturalizing Of the large spring-blooming tulips, Darwin hybrids are the most likely to return in subsequent years. Among these, the most reliable include bright red 'Apeldoorn' and 'Holland's Glory'; canary yellow 'Golden Apeldoorn'; creamy yellow 'Jewel of Spring'; soft apricot 'Daydream'; and rose Ollioules'. Plant in full sun and welldrained soil that dries out in summer. Fertilize annually by foliar feeding in the spring or by spreading pelletized fertilizer on the ground at any time.

Start flowering onions For droughtresistant color next spring and summer, plant ornamental onions (Alllum) before the soil freezes. Some of the best include blue allium (A. caerueum), bright pink and as-big-as-a-basketball A. schufaertii, reddish purple drumsticks, lavender giant allium, pink nodding onion (A. cernuumj, Star of Persia (A. cristophiij, soft pink Turkestan allium, and yellow onion (A. flavum).

Tend your plot

Compost potting soil As you clean out pots for winter storage, dump the used potting soil into a large plastic garbage can (punch a few holes in the bottom so any excess water can drain out). Put the lid on and leave the can outside in an outof-the-way place. Check monthly and add water if the material dries out (if it seems soggy, leave the lid off for a few days). …

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