Magazine article Montessori Life

Letters to the Editors

Magazine article Montessori Life

Letters to the Editors

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I applaud your printing Maureen Harris's well-done research study ["The Effects of Music Instruction on Learning in the Montessori Classroom," Vol. 20, No. 3, 2008]. Not only was it well done, but it was in a much-needed area of the curriculum. Harris's results give proof of Montessori's brilliance in designing a truly integrated curriculum and how this impacts the child's cognitive growth. I would encourage the author to submit her findings to another educational journal in the traditional sector-this information needs to be read by traditional educators. I was also happy to see that Harris found my work, the Montessori bibliography published by NAMTA, valuable in designing and finding support for her study, and especially that she made sure the Montessori education experience met Montessori standards for accreditation.

- Mary Boehnlein, PhD, Professor Emerita

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

What was that letter claiming Montessori Life has "gone vanilla" [Vol. 20, No. 3, 2008]? I was dismayed to see it when, over the past 2 years, I have been proud of the global diversity of articles, authors, and pictures in Montessori Life, demonstrating that we-the Montessori community-are concerned with more than our sometimes self-righteous selves.

Besides, the analysis of that one issue sounded quite diverse to me. So what's the beef? ML does, after all, represent who we are, a high number of privileged Caucasian schools with a growing community of diverse public, charter, Head Start, and international schools. Let's keep it all going by encouraging each other instead of offering criticism.

One issue does not a statement make! Read them all.

- Patti Tepper-Rasmussen

Past President, AMS Board of Directors

Oklahoma City, OK

In every publication I read and every movie I watch, I look for evidence of an understanding and respect for our multicultural society. Contrary to Marlene Barron's letter to the editors in the last issue of Montessori Life (Vol. 20, No. 3, 2008), it is my observation over the past several years that Montessori Life is more aware than ever of the importance of respecting its multicultural readership.

Montessori Life depends on its readers and contributors to supply photos of our students. Perhaps those of us, like Ms. Barron, who are affiliated with schools with a multicultural student body (and hopefully a breadth of economic diversity) might continue to support ML in its celebration of the diversity within the Montessori world by sending in our best photographs of our students.

-Marta Donahoe

Cincinnati, OH

I would like to express my appreciation and well-earned praise for the excellent work that is demonstrated with each issue of Montessori Life. …

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