Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker


Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker


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January/February 2009 Vol. 33 --No. 1


Face-to-Face: Therapy in the Age of Screenworld

Screenworld By Michael Ventura Today we engage the world more often through screens than face-to-face. Without planning to, we've become citizens of Screenworld, a collective state of mind that's profoundly altering our orientation toward reality.

Finding the Pulse By Nancy Napier Helping clients to fully live their lives often means inviting them to notice how their bodies are contradicting what their psyches are telling them.

The Tao of Improv By Robert Taibbi Improvisational theater offers a unique way of approaching relationships--and psychotherapy--that's generous rather than closed, supportive rather than competitive, organic rather than scripted.

When "Them" Becomes "Us" By Kenneth V. Hardy The creation of "the other" is the dynamic at the heart of racism, sexism, homophobia, and persecution. The first step in altering that dynamic is the struggle to challenge your own sense of "them" and "us."


The Non-Remembrance of Things Past By Fred Wistow

Has your memory become erratic, unreliable, fuzzy at the edges, or nowhere to be found, like those barely remembered dreams that wriggle out of your grasp in the middle of the night? …

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