Multiculturalism in Practice

Article excerpt

Multiculturalism in Practice MULTICULTURAL ISSUES IN SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY by B. K. Nastasi The Haworth Press Inc. 2006


Diversity, race, ethnicity, and cultural competency are popular phrases that you hear time and again in educational and psychological dialogues. In spite ofthat, literature on these topics appears to be rudimentary at best, given that discussions often only center on increasing people's awareness of the importance of racial and ethnic diversity, While the significance of diversity and multiethnic issues has been recognized in schools for many decades, school personnel typically have not been adequately trained in cultural competence, especialIy when diverse learners present different academic, emotional, and behavioral needs that school staffare not accustomed to dealing with. What are lackingin research and practice are theoretically sound approaches to address multicultural issues in the field. With the aim of assisting educators and mental health service providers, this book attempts to provide practical knowledge to promote learning and social-emotional well-being for all students by incorporating the essential conver sation about diversity and multiethnic subjects in each chapter.

To my pleasant surprise, Multicultural Issues in School Psychology goes further than pointing out the apparent verity that multiculturalism may no longer be ignored, This volume, which is a collection of eight intriguing articles, offers hopeful, evidencebased, systemic, and international perspectives on issues that are important not only for school psychologists, but also for allied professionals who work with children and families in educational settings. …