Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

Off Task

Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

Off Task

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Rock Band

Ah, summer. Time to slow down and try new things that I would never have time for during the school year. Had some major fun with college son's new Wii-Fit and Rock Band. Anybody out there try the drumming part of Rock Band? I haven't felt like such a complete klutz since the last time I tried downhill skiing. Four "drums," plus a pedal for the '"bass drum," and the music scrolls at me at a fierce pace even on the Easy level. It doesn't seem to matter whether I actually know the song: I have no clue how to hit the drums on cue. Usually ended up just sitting there waving the sticks in the air laughing hysterically.

And then after a family reunion, I found out the power of connecting on Facebook. My own kids were not only secretive about their pages, but made it very clear that Facebook was intended for college students and it was embarrassing for older generation folks to wade into the water. Then I started getting invitations from my nieces and nephews, and could see their pictures, hear their bands, and generally get to know them a lot better (this being what my own kids were avoiding). It is addictive, though, with all the sending little pushes and green patches and updating one's favorite songs and books and all.

Our computer is in the family room, but that doesn't keep myyounger son from snarling if I get within 10 feet of looking over his shoulder ("POS !") . He was laughing too hard one time to keep me away, though. Have you seen the YouTube videos that run clips of songs from things like Sesame Street and bleep out totally innocent words? I feel tears of laughter forming in my eyes just thinking about it. Look for the one with The Count or Mr. Rogers. Okay, it's in really poor taste but it is really funny.

Sunday Supplement

I was perusing the Sunday supplement this week and came across a poll question: "Would you rather your kids have (a) good grades, (b) good friends, or (c) good manners?" Must be related to what I do for a living, but I can't pass up questions like this. Hmm. Well, good grades, obviously... partly because I've come to realize that they represent how hard a student works, and I love a well-developed work ethic. But then ... good friends. Peers are so important, especially at the ages my kids are now, when they are at least temporarily very done listening to me. …

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