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Magazine article Library Administrator's Digest

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From the Editor

Carolyn Petersen, Assistant Program Manager at the Washington State Library, writes:

"In reference to the last line in your book sales comment 'There's still the problem of getting rid of the books that don't sell, right?,' increasingly here in Washington State libraries are going with vendors such as Once Sold Tales (ttp//www. These vendors are very anxious to take our book sale remainders or our withdrawn materials and sell them on the secondary market.

"I work with rural libraries here in Washington State. Once Sold Tales has a regular pickup route and schedule whereby they come by and pick up withdrawn books. It's a great service! The library makes a little money and everyone feels good that the books didn't end up in the dumpster."

Thanks for that information, Carolyn. It may be proven useful to many libraries across the country, especially if the company is nationwide.

The problem of getting rid of unsold or withdrawn books is an old one for public libraries, at least for those that withdrew books at all. I knew a library director who saw his responsibility as a book preserver. When I asked him what he did when he ran out of room, he just said "I build another wing!" Well, he died in office some years ago and I'll bet his building policy has been changed by his successors!

When I was working at the Free Library of Philadelphia 50 years ago I noticed a nolonger-used incinerator in the basement designed to destroy withdrawn books. Maybe they found book sales easier, although I don't remember any, or sold them to a used book vendor. …

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