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Staffing for Success

Magazine article Parks & Recreation

Staffing for Success

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Now is the time to line up your troops.

Many individuals and organizations are concerned about the short-term business outlook. Today is the day to look beyond at the many opportunities and the open horizons in store for you and your organization. This is the time to rally the people you work with and begin to collaborate and gather ideas in the areas of improved efficiency and operational processes.

Looking to the future, you'll want to take advantage of some of the fresh talent that will be available. However, you'll need to be selective as to whom you'll want on your team.

Managing down just doesn't work any longer. Understanding the strengths of an individual will help to promote a positive environment where people will want to share ideas that might not have been considered in the past. This is the time to build a positive reputation so your agency or organization is a magnet for attracting top talent.

Driving Your Top People

Learn what is driving your top-talent people. If you help them to succeed, you'll create a high level of retention and become a magnet for recruiting. Here are some action items for you to consider:

* Use an in-depth work style and personality assessment during the hiring process and for current staff.

* Use the data to manage, which in turn will reduce the learning curve for new hires and help to better understand current staff members.

* Place individuals in positions where they can succeed based on their strengths.

* Take the time to constantly mentor, and create plans to help individuals grow.

* Identify traits of individuals whom you want in your organization, and target those individuals through specific messages in ads, on the Web, and through networking. …

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