Magazine article Working Mother


Magazine article Working Mother


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Love Story

I get so excited when I see your magazine in my mailbox. I just got back from my tenth wedding anniversary vacation without kids- and what a great "welcome home" it was to see your September issue waiting for me. I am 37 with a 2o-year-old stepdaughter who lives at home and a 7-year-old daughter from my fabulous marriage with my husband, Dan. I raised my stepdaughter, and now I'm goingthrough itall again. I love Working Mother magazine. The articles and tips give me the lift I need. Thank you for the best magazine out there. -Nina shatz, siwon, MA

Recipe Rescue

On my trip home from work I'm often stressing as I think about what to make for dinner for my two kids. Good intentions aside, I usually don't have time to prep meals for the week over the weekend. Thanks for your five-ingredient meal ideas. I usually have most of the ingredients on hand - and my kids love them. The mini pizzas were a big hit.

-Nancy Eliot, Springfield, MA

Role Models

I've been reading your magazine for a while now, and in the midst of an otherwise crazy day, I just had to stop and write to say thanks! I love Working Mother, and even more, I love seeing extremely talented women like your editor-in-chief, Suzanne Riss, making it to the top and still being able to balance the whole job/family thing. Being the mom of 3-year-old twin boys means I'm also doing the balancing act. I've been in the hotel business for many years, and all my role models were women who "almost" made it to the top, and never with very young kids. I don't know if the tides are changing, but I feel like everywhere I look now, I find women who made it all the way to the top and didn't have to wait until their kids were grown to do it.

- Marylouise Fitzgibbon, Atlanta, GA

Survivor Moms

I have been meaning to write this letter to thank Carol Evans for the column about her friend Jan Smith, who battled cancer [CEO Mom, November 2007]. I received the issue the same week I had to explain to my 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, that I was about to start taking medicine (chemotherapy) for the sickness in my chest (breast cancer), having just been in the hospital to have the sickness removed (bilateral mastectomy and hysterectomy) a few weeks before, and that my hair would be falling out soon. This was quite possibly the hardest thing IVe ever done. …

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