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By the Numbers

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Number of years Mireya, a prisoner at an all-male Colombian correctional facility who recently won the right to wear makeup and a skirt, is serving for attempted murder

Source: Latin American Herald Tribune

Rank of Katy Perry's hit "I Kissed a Girl" on a list of the top 20 songs British mothers choose to sing their babies to sleep. Other favorites included the Spice Girls' "Mama" and the top pick, Take That's "Patience."

Source: a poll by


Number of places Milk fell on the Internet Movie Database's user-generated list of the top 250 movies, a day after the film received eight Academy Award nominations. The dramatic drop-eerily similar to the one experienced by 2005 Oscar contender Borkeback Mountain-has stirred claims of a smear campaign to drive it off the chart.


17.5 Average age of virginity loss for peopLe who tend to skip breakfast

19.4 Average age of virginity loss for breakfast eaters Source: A study by the Japan Family Planning Association


Cost to produce 3D Sex and Zen, reportedly the world's first three-dimensional erotic film, which promises to make the actors-and their eye-popping goodies-appear just inches away from the viewer

Source: Agence France-Presse


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