Magazine article Sunset

Bloggers We Can't Live Without

Magazine article Sunset

Bloggers We Can't Live Without

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The new frontier

The blogosphere is filled with fresh takes on living, eating, and planting in the West-if you know where to look. We show you how to get past the navel-gazing to the good stuff

Molly Wizenberg Orangette

Wizenberg's Seattle-based blog has foodies (and us) tuning in for her warm, personal musing about everything from blackberry bushes to how to love underappreciated vegetables like kohlrabi. The Oklahoma native's passionate prose has given rise to a memoir, A Homemade Life (Simon Ik Schuster; $25), out this month.

WHAT'S IN P FOR YOU: Recipes that gently nudge you to cook seasonally, try those weird veggies at the farmers' market, and conquer your fear of homemade baked goods - all wrapped in anecdotes that read like brilliant kitchen advice from a good friend.

Jeff Alworth Beervana

Alworth, a university researcher in Portland, launched Beervana as an ode to cold ones across the Northwest - especially the locally brewed kind. Better known as the founder of the Honest Pint Project (an effort to find out which pubs pour an "honest" 16-ounce pint versus a "soft" i4-ounce one), Alworth's true passion remains great drafts and brewpubs. …

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