Magazine article Montessori Life

The Last Laugh :)

Magazine article Montessori Life

The Last Laugh :)

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This past fall, I was out observing one of the student interns from our training program. After I left the classroom, one of the children asked the intern, quite seriously, "Was that Maria Montessori?"

Syneva Barrett

The Center for Contemporary

Montessori Programs

St. Catherine University

St. Paul, MN

One day after school, I offered to help my daughter, Mariko, carry her backpack, since she was also carrying her violin. My son, Takashi, got jealous and upset that I was "only being nice to Mari/' I tried to explain to both of them that if you want someone to do a favor or do something nice for you, there is a much higher probability of the person doing it if you are very nice and politely ask rather than throwing a fit and getting angry. I then tried to explain to them about the expression of "digging yourself into a hole/' I said that if you want a favor but start getting angry instead of being nice, you are digging a hole for yourself and the angrier and meaner you get, the deeper the hole you dig. …

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