Magazine article Workforce Management

The Three Key Forces Driving Successful Talent Management

Magazine article Workforce Management

The Three Key Forces Driving Successful Talent Management

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The marketplace for talent management solutions has become increasingly crowded in the past few years. For organizations sourcing a talent management solutions partner, the landscape is full of choices, but also full of overlapping messages and difficulty in distinguishing among them.

These technologies have matured significantly over the past decade. Certain strategies have borne fruit, while others have proven fruitless. This is a market still characterized by rapid evolution, but also one that is mature enough to tell us where things are undoubtedly headed.

From this vantage point we can identify the three key forces now driving success in developing a talent management technology strategy.

1. Integration Has Changed the Game

Niche solutions that address only a single facet of the broader patchwork of workforce and talent management issues are not a lasting answer. Instead, a lesson from the recent past should be that organizations will benefit from a truly integrated approach to tackling talent management challenges.

Integration means, for example, that when your performance appraisal system highlights a skill or competency gap, that same system can immediately, dynamically and effectively deliver learning experiences to close this gap.

Technology has brought us to a desirable place in training where relevant metrics no longer must be, for example, "number of training hours delivered." That is not an end itself, but merely a means to an end: improving the performance of the organization. Metrics in learning and talent management can now be tied to company financial performance, departmental sales growth or business unit revenue growth. The idea is by using technology to integrate HR, training and performance functions, it can impact the bottom line of the organization.

2. Software-as-a-Service Has Passed the Tipping Point

Multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the future of talent management application delivery. It is no longer a question of "when" or "if." SaaS has already passed a tipping point for every type of organization and every type of talent management product. This is not idle speculation: today, SaaS applications are being used by some of the largest, most complex, global organizations.

It makes sense. Talent management applications are used by every employee in the organization - not just a handful of administrators or IT personnel. Security is not an issue with SaaS, scalability has been demonstrated time and again, and the ease of deployment and access drive adoption with HR organizations looking to quickly and conveniently reach large populations.

It is worth noting that the conversation about SaaS has changed in the past few years. …

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