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One of the real draws of the Mock Prison Riot is the ability for participants to test the technologies in the Showcase. This is a real benefit for the companies, as well, as they get immediate feedback, both from watching the scenario unfold and by talking to the participants after the scenario has been completed.

"The benefit for us is the variety of products that are available and tested on site and the classes offered, and to participate in the skill competition," says Alfreda SkinnerRolle, Corporal, Her Majesty's Prisons, Bahamas.

"Being able to deploy our product in real live scenarios is a huge benefit," says Rich Kirk, President of Sales, PistolCam Inc. "What we learned by talking with the Tactical Teams is invaluable. As a vendor, we learn from being able to put our product into Tactical operations and getting immediate feed back from the Team-we learn the good and the bad, and it does not get any better than that."

"The Mock Prison Riot is the only show that targets the SERT market of corrections," says Tim Ellwood, X Caliber Tactical. "Our products are geared to that market and no other show comes close. The feedback that we get for the usage in scenarios is priceless and the facility is top notch. Nowhere else in the country can you access an entire prison, from cells to mess halls, to show off you products' attributes.

"Our products were showcased in three scenarios and we were very pleased. It showed us both our known strengths and also an area or two that we need to address for these particular end users. This will allow us to bring better product specially targeted to the corrections market."

ReconRobotics is looking to showcase its robotics devices to law enforcement, corrections and military customers, which is the reason David "Tom" Thomas, Director of Sales, brought his wares to the Mock Prison Riot. "Our experience at the Mock Prison Riot was very good because of the exposure to a large market sector," he says. "The best part of this year's Mock Prison Riot was being selected to participate in multiple scenarios. We will definitely be back in 2010."

Making contacts is a vital part of the Mock Prison Riot. "As a vendor, I was very pleased with the turnout for my second Mock Prison Riot," says Michael Trueba Jr, MPT Industries. "It is an excellent opportunity for us as a lubricant manufacturer to present the various lubricants we offer for weapons and weapons systems. Although I did not have the opportunity to participate in any of the scenarios, the event offers excellent networking opportunities. I am sure we will participate again. I would recommend it to anyone involved in law enforcement."

The Mock Prison Riot goes out of its way to make sure that everyone has a successful show. "The event leadership was supportive and enthusiastic of our entire team's presence and goals at the show, the penitentiary location was outstanding for the scenarios and the access we were granted to work with the teams, team leadership, and product end-users was outstanding," says Lisa R. Grube, marketing manager, Avon Protection Systems. "It was our feeling that the level of access was mutually beneficial to our team (as vendors) and to the end-users who were given the perfect opportunity to demo our products. We've walked away with an even better understanding of our end-user community, as well as their needs and critical product feedback to inform our product development efforts.

"We participated in at least 10 different scenarios throughout the grounds, from cell blocks to dining areas, to yard and basement areas," Grube continues. "We outfitted teams who wished to demo our respiratory protection products at each scenario, collected verbal and video feedback from them upon scenario completion, and gathered contact data for sales team follow up where appropriate."


The workshops offered at the Mock Prison Riot are free of charge and offer extensive information as well as the opportunity to network with other law enforcement, military and corrections professionals. …

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