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Summoning Support

Magazine article Industrial Management

Summoning Support

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"You're fired !" is the shot being heard around the world. Have you heard it recently? Or are you afraid you might hear it soori? If so, you are one of millions in today's global economy whose emotional structure has either collapsed or is in danger of collapsing. Your ability to cope, to function optimally, to enjoy your life may, indeed, be at risk in the current business scene. Without coping effectively, your chances of getting through this crisis are in danger.

Even if the company suddenly closes its doors, you will feel bereft and suffer emotional pangs of having done something wrong to warrant this happening to you.

In times liice these, it fs normal to feel a great sense of loss. As a result, you may even feel depressed. Feelings of security about yourself, your ability to earn a living, your future - are in a meltdown. In order to pull yourself out of the doldrums and get on with your life, you need to find a way to regain some measure of stability so that you can replenish your seif-confidence. This is vital if you are to find other opportunities. If you don't pull yourself together, you will jeopardize the very result you want so badly: to get back in the work force and re-establish your identity as a responsible, produttive and worthwhile individual.

If you are to move ahead, it is important for you to commit to reconstructing your life in a way that will resurrect your positive feelings about yourself, By first sitting back and thinking about how you can turn this overwhelming event into a positive force, you will begin to regain your emotional equilibrium that was shattered when you were cut off from your place of employment.

If you're still working, you may ask yourself, "How long can I hold on?" The workplace today is fraught with anxiety as jobs continue to be eliminated. Because of the stress that accompanies actual job loss or the anxiety about potential job loss, many people do not take the time to reflect and plan in order to turn danger into opportunity. They proceed in a panic either sitting around waiting for the axe to fall, or, when unemployed, taking the first job offered which, many times, is not the right one. This serves to keep them in the danger zone,

Given your emotional state and the financial needs of you and your family, what is the most prudent thing to do?

The first thing you need to do is sit down with your family and discuss your fears about being unemployed, finding a job and being able to get through this period financially. …

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