Magazine article Teaching Business & Economics

Sim Venture, Venture Simulations Ltd

Magazine article Teaching Business & Economics

Sim Venture, Venture Simulations Ltd

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SIMULATIONS Sim Venture, Venture Simulations Ltd, a "business start up" computer game. Site licence £750. A trial version is available to download from

This is a computer-based game that assists students in learning how to run a business. It covers all the decisions involved in making a success of your own business. It is a practical ICT tool to demonstrate business topics, problems, issues and theory.

This game is an excellent resource for use in business education at key stages 4 and 5. The game can be used for GCSE Business Studies, Applied GCSE and BTEC First Certificate, Diploma and Nationals as well as at a higher level. The level where there would be most value could be up for debate but there is enough flexibility in the program to cover all ranges.


The objective of the game is to run a small computer business. The aim is to gain profit and satisfaction in running a small enterprise over a period of time. The initial instructions are clear and it is relatively easy to get up and running fairly quickly. The navigation is straightforward, and there are plenty of guides to get you into a game.

Players follow simple step-by-step processes to take decisions about the business in order to run a month's trade. There is a menu bar with drop down lists created when clicking on icons in the office. There are four main areas (organisation, finance, operations, and sales and marketing) for decision taking. These are further broken down into functional areas. This allows the player to begin to see the complexities of running a business. Once into the decision areas, there is information to use to exercise judgment and make reasoned decisions.

Players can get extra guidance through tutorials, instructions and questions and answers. A status bar shows how the business is progressing, which is useful for checking decisions. A screen shows the outcome of the month's trading and players can see the influence they are having on the business.

The resource is good, however many students will need a high level of teacher input at the start. It can take a while to understand and may require specific introduction time in lessons before use, and students will require a clear direction to complete some of the set tasks.

How can it be used?

The game can be projected on an interactive whiteboard so that the whole class is involved, or played individually within a class. …

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