Magazine article Medical Economics

Get Efficient, Save Money

Magazine article Medical Economics

Get Efficient, Save Money

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To maintain incomes in the fece of declining collections, doctors are obsessing about overhead. But cutting costs isn't the only way- or even the best way- to preserve the bottom line; it's a handicap to avoid spending that leads to greater productivity. With that in mind, here are some efficiency basics:

Don't do work that others can do. Patient-care functions such as data collection and patient education can be delegated to trained assistants. Another common waste of doctor time: deciding, case-bycase, when patients can be seen. Specify the rules for add-on patients and let your staff make the call.

Communication is more reliable when written than when spoken. Instead of "telling" your medical assistant what you need, use your fee ticket/route slip as an order form.

Don't write repetitively. Even without electronic medical records, you can be more productive using forms with check-boxes, items that can be circled, or blanks to be filled in. Common applications: test orders, prescription refill messages, and the like.

Don't do work that machines can do faster and better. Examples: computerized employee timekeeping to figure elapsed time, sheet-fed photocopiers with a collating and stapling feature, computer-generated superbills with account history printed on them and reference numbers for tracking lost charge slips, or voicemail test-result delivery.

Don't wait for patients or staff. Give new patients the demographics/registration form to fill out first. Only when they are done, hand them the health history questionnaire. …

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