Magazine article The Spectator

All Anjem Choudray Wants Is Lots of Infidel Media Attention

Magazine article The Spectator

All Anjem Choudray Wants Is Lots of Infidel Media Attention

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The proposed Muslim march is wrong-headed in every respect, says Rod Liddle.

The sight of bearded maniacs storming through Wootton Bassett will only galvanise support for the war in Afghanistan There was a car full of angry white boys cruising the high street of Wootton Bassett this week, Luke and Sam and their two friends, on the lookout for camera crews from Sky, ITV and the BBC. They wanted to make it clear, for the early evening news programmes, that if the march of Muslims through the town went ahead, they would block the road with cars, bring down a whole bunch of trouble and perhaps smash some skulls. I caught up with them as they tried to get themselves onto Sky to elucidate this important point more vigorously. They'd driven over from Swindon precisely to achieve this objective and told me that thousand upon thousand more just like them, alerted by a Facebook campaign, would be supporting them. Three of the four lads said they had nothing against Muslims per se, but the fourth, an amiable young man - who nonetheless had the word 'supremacy' tattooed on his neck - said he thought they should all f*** off back to where they came from, the Pakis and the Indians. The Indians?

What have the poor Indians done? 'I don't like them either, ' he grinned.

Luke, meanwhile, had served in the marines and had metal plates in his legs and thorax as a consequence; also a scar from where he was attacked with knives by 'Muslims' in Halifax when, he said, they tried to steal his pet dog, a mastiff. I didn't get the name of his dog, for which apologies. The Sky people turned away from these men, shuddering, and wouldn't put them on film; they'd got their selective quotes from the townsfolk, a nicely balanced montage of people saying the march should not go ahead and others saying oh, OK , maybe it should, in the interests of freedom of speech.

That's what you will have seen on your early evening news: balance and fairness.

Except that it isn't really balance and fairness. My guess is that the overwhelming majority in the country are with Luke and Sam and the boys, maybe except for the skull-breaking stuff. And I wonder how hard the TV people had to search for vox pops in favour of this march? As opposed to those sort of implacably against? My own vox pops in the town, discounting the contributions from Luke and Sam et al, were 18 against the march, none in favour, but maybe I didn't search hard enough in order to achieve balance and fairness.

There's no date set for this little event, incidentally, just a statement of intent. A Muslim group wishes to march through Wootton Bassett to commemorate the dead Taleban combatants and in order to counteract the regular processions of dead British soldiers through this shrouded town, the cowardly imperialists of Western oppression. The Home Secretary has said he may ban the march, probably under health and safety guidelines.

F*** off back to where you're from, then, you Muslims. Anjem Choudray, who dreamed up the march, is one of those thickas-mince gobby little chancers who could only possibly come from Britain - Welling, Kent, in this particular case. Think Derek Hatton, except with an additional ideological commitment to clitoridectomies and beheadings.

Typically too dense to pass his medical exams, he became a solicitor but for some time has lived off state benefits while urging death upon the rest of us, sometimes as a handmaiden to the exponentially stupid 'Sheikh' Omar Bakri Mohammed (whom we kicked out of the country), and latterly as the guiding light behind the wonderful Islam4UK group - a terrific name, like www. …

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