Magazine article Tikkun


Magazine article Tikkun


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I have been losing a battle with a bird

every morning, although the battle

is with myself, so say my 27 therapists, the bird a reminder

sent by whatever I don't believe

to remember what I keep forgetting

because I wake up so damn early, 5:30

every morning, when my battle

feels an unfinished reminder

that I understand less than I believe.

This morning, I thought to fool the bird into forgetting

and so last night I put on my giant bird suit at 5:30,

giddy as a commuter swimming in a huge martini, like a bird

in another's nest. The sky felt lighter: I had to remember

not to fly, to be a believer

but not a fool- think Icarus- and never to forget

my basic humanity. But all night until 5:30,

at times awake, I was a bird.

All night the worms were huge, every battle

a belief

in living more. If you're a bird you never forget

what eating means, and if you're a worm, 5:30

after a little rain means waking into hell, the bird

supping and you're the sup. …

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