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Before Tomorrow

Magazine article Herizons

Before Tomorrow

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If the plot of Before Tomorrow is simple, so then might be Truffaut's 400 Blows or Fellini's Nights of Cabiria - two cinematic masterpieces. Both involve simple stories. Iceberg simple. The depth goes far below the surface. All that talent just makes it look easy.

Before Tomorrows a great film and offers great storytelling. It takes place around 1840, just as European explorers came north offering metal knives and sewing needles to isolated lnuit communities. The film features an lnuit grandmother, Ninioq (Madeline Ivalu), and her real-life 10-year-old grandson Maniq (Paul-Dylan Ivalu).

The characters are caught in the frozen landscape. Severed from family and completely isolated, they source their own inner strength as a means to survive. This beautiful film is tragic and apocalyptic, a story of human extinction.

How fully developed Ivalu's character of the grandmother is. How funny, how sad, how vulnerable and strong she is. Your heart breaks for her situation and her choices. She tells stories to her grandson, encouraging him to stay alive and not be afraid, even though everything is stacked against them. Her love for this boy bleeds through each moment. Like most great actors, Madeline Ivalu expresses emotion through her eyes.

Two-thirds of the way through the film, a sense of dread accelerates. It becomes increasingly clear what will happen. The grandson, Maniq, captures the essence of the child - spontaneous yet curious, wilful yet vulnerable. …

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