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Roll A Coin through the Curriculum

Magazine article Teach

Roll A Coin through the Curriculum

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Unit 3: The War Years


When we refer to the War years, it means the periods of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. During the First World War, Canada became involved as part of the British Empire and managed to prove itself in a bloody conflict. In particular, the Canadians took the lead and prevailed in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, which in many ways, marked a turning point in the country's evolution on the global stage. The Canadians accomplished something its allies couldn't. In 1939, Canada declared war on another country for the first and only time in its history. Like the First World War, this second global conflict changed Canada and its people dramatically and irrevocably. War presents new and difficult challenges for nations and Canada was no exception. In the Second World War, Canadians were called upon to learn new skills, develop new strategies, to rely more on themselves and each other than ever before. Where the First World War marked Canada's debut on the world stage, the Second World War accelerated the country's industrial capacity, its spirit and independence. . . all at a terrible price.

General Outcomes/Expectations

Students will:

- Understand the impact of global war domestically and internationally

- Research the conditions and events that led to the first two world wars

- Gain insight into the economics of war

- Attempt to understand war through culture, specifically, visual arts and poetry

- Explore key issues such as conscription and what effect it had on the psyche of the country

- Work together cooperatively in teams

- Hone critical assessment and evaluation skills

Key Concepts and Issues

Students will explore why and how Canada was affected by its involvement in two world conflicts and what influence these events had on the evolution of the country. …

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