The Issued Recordings 1941-1947

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Hal McIntyre

The Issued Recordings 1941-1947

Jazz Band EBCD-2170-2

Collective Personnel includes: Paul McCoy, Steady Nelson, Billy Robbins, Clarence Willard, Louis Mucci, Fred Austin, Dan Brittain, Willard Wagner, Joe Weidman, Bob Funk, Mario Serritello, Sal La Perche, Andrew Szulc, Jack Lambert, Bobby Guyer, Bill Scaffe, Tom Patton, Don Paladino (tp) Vic Hamann, Dan Ruppersburg, Howard Gibeling, Jimmy Emert, Gene Bird, Ferdy Von Verson, Paul O'Connor (tb) Hal McIntyre, Gene Kinsey, Don Barrett, Jack Dunsmoor, Fran Rimugiato, possibly Steve Cole, Dave Matthews, Johnny Dee, Dick Rollins, Johnny Hayes, Art Mendelsohn, John Popa, Pete Peterson, Willie Baker, Ed Gerlash, Bob Poland,Johnny Turnbull (reeds) Jack Lathrop, Walt Ulmer (g) Eddie Safranski, Bill Halfacre, Jack Bruske (b) Danny Hurd, George Miller, Arthur Medoff, Ken Harrity (p) Ralph Tilken, Hap Fulghum (d) Hal McIntyre, Dave Matthews, Billy May, Sid Schwartz, Howard Gibeling, Danny Hurd (arr) Recorded between February 1942 and October 1947

The Commando's Serenade/ South Bayou Shuffle/The Story of a Starry Night (vcl Carl Dennis)/Friday Afternoon/Daisy May/We'll Meet Again (vcl Penny Parker)/Play No. 49/Kille Kille - Indian Love Talk (vcl Four Lyle Sisters)/This Is the Army, Mister Jones (vcl Jack Lathrop)/Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater/Saturday Night Is the Loneliest Night of the Week (vcl Ruth Gaylor)/Swanee River/MyFunny Valentine (vcl Ruth Gaylor)/Sentimental Journey/Autumn Serenade/Patience and Fortitude (vcl Frankie Lester)/The Gypsy (vcl Frankie Lester)/I've Got the Sun In the Morning (vcl Nancy Reed)/Cement Mixer (vcl Nancy Reed)/Song of the Bayou/The House of Blue Light (vcl Nancy Reed)/30 Miles an Hour/Count Meets the Duke/Jumpin' Jubilee/The Donkey Serenade TT: 74:36

This is one of the CDs issued by Jazz Band (UK) concentrating on what might be thought of as second tier bands of the '40s. …


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