Magazine article Eye : The International Review of Graphic Design

Berlin Snapshots: Nick Kapica

Magazine article Eye : The International Review of Graphic Design

Berlin Snapshots: Nick Kapica

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SV Associates

Having arrived in East Berlin just after the fall of the wall, Londoner Nick Kapica and Australian Tim Richter opened the city's first house / techno club, Ständige Vertretung, in 1989, but soon switched to producing publicity material for other clubs and opened Studio Ständige Vertretung (SV). Richter moved to Sydney in 1998 and set up SV02, but Kapica stayed until 2009, when he moved to Wellington to teach typography at Massey University. SV Associates now has studios in Berlin, Shanghai, Sydney and Wellington.

What impact has the city had on your work and life?

Nick Kapica When I first moved to Berlin I was very excited by the opportunities the city offered in the form of derelict buildings and spaces that could be utilised to create urban experiences and, later, cheap studio spaces. I always wanted to live in the centre of a city and the unique situation after the fall of the wall meant it was relatively easy to achieve this.

Berlin is a great city to bring children up in, especially if you want to live in the inner city. Every time I thought I might leave, there was a new reason to stay. The city has been rapidly rebuilt and developed, making it extremely exciting for a designer to observe. The potential for urban development has provided me with my most recent project [Spreefeld], which has more to do with architecture and city planning than visual communication. I never really wanted to be a 'graphic designer', and moving to Berlin helped me explore a wider area of visual communication and design.

So why did you leave? …

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